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51 Buried at Oakwood Cemetery[Rob12.FTW]

Buried at Oakwood Cemetery 
Duncan, Willie Gordon (I0040)
52 Buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Enterprise, AL

Buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Enterprise, AL 
Brown, Charlie (I4980)
53 Buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Enterprise, AL[Rob12.FTW]

Buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Enterprise, AL 
Whigham, Laura Adelaide (I4928)
54 Buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Enterprise, AL[Rob12.FTW]

Buried at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Enterprise, AL 
Brown, Edith (I4982)
55 Buried at Prairie Hill, Limestone County, Texas

Buried at Prairie Hill, Limestone County, Texas 
Cottle, Cora (I1749)
56 Buried at Prairie Hill, Limestone County, Texas

Buried at Prairie Hill, Limestone County, Texas 
Scott, Leroy Samuel (I1766)
57 Buried in Gerard Cemetery at Phenix City, Alabama
On Grave Marker: Wyatt A. Robertson
Co. B

Birth date and death date recorded in family Bible.
Born in Troup County, Georgia.
Moved to Macon County, Alabama when he was fourteen. This information is from Aunt Lit's recollection.

I Wyatt a Robertson a private of Co. B Reg't 37th Ala Vols. C. S. A.,
being a Prisoner of War, in the hands of the United States Forces in virtue
of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its garrison, by Lieut. Gen.
John C. Pemberton, C. S. A. Commanding on the 4th day of July 1863, do in
pursuance of the terms of said capitulation, give this my solemn parole under
oath ---
That I will not take up arms against the United States nor serve in any
military, ___, or constabulary force in any Fort, Garrison or field w___
held by the Confederate States of America against the United States of
America ________ of prisons, depots or __________ discharge any duties
usually performed by _______ against the United States of America, until duly
exchanged by the proper __________.
Wyatt A.
Sworn to and subscribed before me at Vicksburg, Miss this 9th day of July
signature Lt. Col 23rd Reg't Indiana Vols. AND PAROLE OFFICER

Robertson, Wyatt Alexander (I0022)
58 Buried in Greenwood Cemetery (East Waco Cemetery) on Earle Street in Waco, Texas.
Death Certificate in record book Vol. 1, Cert. No. 83. (McLennan County)

Full name may have been Emma C. Mary Houston. 
Houston, Emma C. (I0154)
59 Buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Waco, Texas. Moore, William J. (I0155)
60 By 1920, Oliver J. Moore and wife Winnie lived in Columbia County, Georgia with sons Moody, Clayton, Robert and daughter Katherine. He farmed on his "own account".
Moore, Oliver J. (I8097)
61 C. C. II died from injuries received after being struck by a locomotive. He was walking home from Little Rock via the Missouri Pacific railroad tracks when struck from behind. It is reported that he was at first in the clear track of the double track line. As the train approached from Little Rock the engineer blew a warning whistle which apparently caused him to think he was in harms way - whereupon he stepped over the rails and into the path of the train.  Stuckey, Christopher Columbus II (I0406)
62 Catholic Priest

Catholic Priest O.F.M.

Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, arranged by Bunch-Johnson Funeral Home
Robertson, James Felton (I0187)
63 Cause of Death: Struck by a van as she was attempting to cross a street Hayes, Teresa Lynn (I8788)
64 CC IV died in an automobile accident on the First of February 1953 near the Reynolds Underground Mine Office. Henry Cox and Jack Oglsby died with him. He is buried in the Liberty Cemetery.  Stuckey, Christopher Columbus IV (I8611)
65 Ceawlin, King of Wessex
Died in 593
Ceawlin reigned from 560 to 592 at which time he was deposed by his nephew Ceola. He captured Gloucester and Bath from the Britons in 577. Although Ceawlin is a historical figure, the facts are far from clear. His brothers, Cutha and Cuthwulf appear to have led some or all the West Saxons between 568 and 584.
Ceawlin had the following sons:

Wessex, Ceawlin King of (I9424)
66 Cenred, an under ruler in Sommerset who acceded in 694, and who had the following children:

Ine, King of Wessex (688 - 726) who became king while his father Cenred was still alive. As well, a number of the Kings of Wessex at this time were from different branches of the Royal House. These facts serve to illustrate that the Kingship of Wessex was open to any representative of any line which could claim descent from Cerdic. For details click on Kings of Wessex.
Cwenburh, Abbess of Wimborne
Cuthburh who married Aldfrid, King of Northumbria (685 - 704). Their son:
Osred I, King of Northumbria (704 - 716) 
Essex, Cenred of (I9416)
67 Ceolwold, an under ruler who had a son:

Essex, Ceowald of (I9418)
68 Cerdic, King of Wessex
Died in 534
Cerdic and his son Cynric landed in the area of Southhampton in 495 A.D., and then moved north into what is now Hampshire and Wiltshire to found The Kingdom of the West Saxons or Wessex. Cerdic met great resistance from the last of the Romano-Britons under a shadowy leader who lays as good a claim as any to having been the "real" King Arthur. Cerdic was crowned as the 1st King of West Saxons at Winchester 532, although some say he reigned from 519 on. The times were very chaotic, and although leaders such as Cerdic are historical figures, much of the actual history is shrouded in legend.

Cerdic had the following sons:

Creoda (Not all records show Creoda, and those that do suggest he was Cynric's father. It is more likely that Cynric and Creoda are the same person.) 
Wessex, Cerdic King of (I9428)
69 Charles Lloyd Ballard changed his legal name to Gale Lloyd Tynefield when working as an undercover Special Agent for the FBI. He passed away at age 94.  Tynefield, Charles Lloyd Ballard aka Gale Lloyd (I9474)
70 College Dean Moon, Allen Jefferson (I8019)
71 Columbus shot his brother Pete, in a dispute over a dollar while playing poker. He first thought to shoot him in the head, but decided that he only wanted to hurt him so he shot him in the leg instead. Since Pete was shot in the leg, he was unable to walk... Columbus carried him on his shoulder to the hospital.
Columbus and Forsee had a general store called 'Forsee and Stuckey Food Market' located on Beech Street in Pine Haven east of B&N Railroad. The store was sold to Steed Huggins, and was later converted to a residence now located at 3522 Edison Avenue, in Benton.
Columbus was shot in the face (Feb 1948) while at Fuzzy's Bar in Hot Springs. The bullet entered at his nose and exited behind his ear. He had several operations and died of pneumonia on the 5th of May, 1953 while a patient in the Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. He and Mary are buried in Liberty Cemetery.  
Stuckey, Christopher Columbus III (I8587)
72 Committed suicide. Moore, Billy Wayne (I5200)
73 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Montgomery, Mark White (I5843)
2nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)  
Houston, Leonidas Alexander (I4695)
75 Copy of the will of Mary Houston in 1811........

In the name of God Amen. I Mary Houston of the Dist of Newberry and State of South Carolina widow being sick and week of body but of sane mind and memory.
__________be God for the same do make and declair that my last Will and Testement in the maner and form following. I give and desire and bequeath unto my son WILLIAM HOUSTON his Executors administrators and assigne all my part of the goods and chattler property that remained at the death of my beloved husband. This for him to have at my desceas also. I give unto my grandson JOHN HUSTON his heire and assigins son of WILLIAM HUSTON my third part of the land that remained at the death of my beloved husband John Huston. My grand son to have it at my discear and I do here by nominate constitute and appoint my son WILLIAM HUSTON sole Excrats of this my Last Will and Testament in witness where I here unto let my hand and seal this 2nd day of Febuary in the year of our Lord 1811 Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of John Loland, John X his mark Morison , THOS HUSTON Her
Mary X Huston
Ross, Mary (I0293)
76 Corn Hill, Texas: Corn Hill was on Willis Creek and Interstate 35 two miles south of Jarrell in North Central Williamson County.

Letter from (Nancy) Alice Robertson dated March 3, 1890 and postmarked March 3, 1890 at Corn Hill, Tex. Addressed to Mrs. Exer Houston at Milltown, Chambers County, Ala. (copied with spelling as in the letter)

Dear sister I will write you a few lines in answer to your sweet and loving letter that I received Saturday evening and was very glad indeed to hear from you. This leaves all well and I do hope and trust it will find you all the same. Well Ex I haven't much to write that will interest you to read, but I will do the best I can. We have bin having some very cold weather for the last few days but is a heap warmer today we have bin washing to day. I went to preaching yesterday and to sabath school in the morning and my fellow came home with me and we just had the biggest time atall he stayed till Aunt Aggie got supper dun and then I had to milk and get ready to go to meeting he has two other brothers out here with him and I lack them all. I have lots of fun with Frank and Oat(?) but I think John is the nicest boy of the three but he doesn't have as much to say as Frank and Oat(?) dose. I think Oat is the prettiest of the three but he is Mollie Williams best fellow. Well Ex you ask me how I enjoyed myself out here I can tell you I have had more fun for the last month than I have had in five year before. It makes me think old times when you and me used to be young folks. Nearly every one of my kind folks has an organ and I love to go to see them all. Well Ex I guess I had tell you a little about my New Ingland fellow I treated him just about lack I treated George Hall and I guess you know about that and he sed he was going back to Inglan with a broken heart and I told him I would go back to Alabama with a broken heart two. He lives at cousin Uzeak(?) Smiths. Well I will try to write a ittle more this evning I have bin helping teach school today. Prof makes one of the largest scolars help him every day and today was my day to help. He ask me if I felt lack I had bin pickin cotton wen he dismissed. I told him no little things don't tire me. I am stouter than I every was in my life. I think Ex if I keep fatning you all will not know me whin I come home. Well it is manily(?) night and will close by asking you to write to me next sunday good by for a while Alice Robertson 
Robertson, Nancy Alice (I0046)
77 Could have been "Colima E." Rollins, Colima B. (I0313)
78 Could have been "James A.G." Rollins, James A.G. (I0314)
79 Coweta County records show that Samuel James Arnold owned in excess of 2700 acres of land, a large part of which he bought from his father. He had a large farming operation in the Madras area. Arnold, Samuel James (I0282)
80 Customer pedigree. Source (S05394)
81 Cuthwine, an under ruler in Wessex, died in 584, who had the following sons:
Wessex, Cuthwine of (I9422)
82 Cuthwulf, an under ruler in Wessex who had a son:

Wessex, Cuthwulf of (I9420)
83 CW 1st Lt, 7th Ga Reg Vols, "Franklin Volunteers" Houston, John C. (I2175)
84 Cynric, King of Wessex
Died in 560
Cynric reigned from 534 to 560. He defeated the Romano-Britons at Salisbury in 552. Cynric faced competition from Stuf and Wihtgar, who came to Wessex in 514 and were said to be "nefa" of Cerdic and Cynric. The term "nefa" means both nephew and grandson, and it has been suggested that Stuf and Wihtgar were father and son; possibly a son and grandson of Cerdic's sister and a Jutish nobleman. In 534, Cynric gave the Isle of Wight to Stuf and Wihtgar.

Cynric had the following sons:

Ceawlin, King of Wessex (560 - 592)
Cutha, who had sons:
Ceola, King of Wessex (592 - 597)
Ceowulf, King of Wessex (597 - 611)
Wessex, Cynric King of (I9426)
85 Date of Birth possibly June 1897 Day, Maggie (I0076)
86 Date of Birth possibly was August 8, 1905 Hines, Thomas Jefferson (I9173)
87 David Moon moved to TX from Alabama as did his father, his brothers and
sisters. He never married, but was always close to his brothers and sisters
and their children and lived with or near them. He was a carpenter and farmer
in Wharton, Austin, and Hillsboro. He was in the Ford auto parts business
with his brother Staples in Cleburne, TX. In college, he was a baseball pitcher
and later pitched in semi-pro leagues in AL and in west and central TX. At
Howard College (Birmingham), David played both baseball and football. 
Moon, David Henry (I8020)
88 David Ross2 Houston (John1) was born Abt. 1774 in Charleston District, SC, and died 24 Sep 1836 in Lauderdale Co., AL. He married Hannah Pugh Reagan Bef. 1796 in Newberry Dist., SC, daughter of Reason Reagan and Hannah Pugh. She was born Bet. 1773 - 03 Nov 1776 in SC, and died 01 Dec 1847 in Lauderdale Co., AL.

Notes for David Ross Houston:

resided Williamson CO., TN

Sarah Houston is sister of Gov. George Smith Houston of AL

ref: The Governors of Alabama

a planter, resided Greene Co., GA

"David and Hannah (Reagan) Houston, natives of Ireland, came to Lauderdale County in 1813 and settled on their plantation about 13 miles west of Florence on the Waterloo Road, near Gravelly Springs, and adjoining the old Natchez Trace. They had lived in Tennessee until they moved here with their thirteen children. Their home was a large, three-story brick structure built along the typical ante-bellum lines. A huge water tank, located on the roof, caught rain water and furnished the household with running water. This home burned sometime before 1900.

"The Houston cemetery, some signs of the old brick foundations of the mansion, and remains of the once elegant garden house are the only signs today of the old home, the boyhood home of the onetime Governor and U.S. Senator, George S. Houston, one of the thirteen children.

"The Houston land supposedly exended from Gravelly Springs to the Tennessee River where they had a boat landing."

Lauderdale Co., AL by Garrett.

I, David Houston of the County of Lauderdale, State of Alabama, of a sound and disposing mind do on this 21st day of August 1836 made and publish this my last will and Testament.

Item 1st. It is my will and desire that all of my just debts shall be paid out of my personal property.

Item 2nd. After the payment of my just debts I will and bequeath until my daughter Jane a servant girl named Lize and her child and her sister named Jane.

Item 3: I will and bequeath until my daughter Rebecca Floras Mary an servant girl and

her two children Kitta and Perry.

Item 4. I will and bequeath unto my daughter Mary, Alsis Charlotte a servant girl.

Item 5. I will and bequeath until my daughter Louisa Vinas eldest daughter Caroline a servant girl.

Item 6. I will and bequeath to my daughter Ann Floras Lise a servant girl that waits in the house.

Item 7. I will and bequeath to the three children Pugh, Nancy and Jane Ridley of Robert Ridley and Sarah Ridley his wife a servant girl named Frances now in the possession of said Robert and Sarah. Also the sum of Three hundred a piece.

Item 8th. I will and bequeath to Robert Ridley one hundred and fifty dollars which is all I intend him to have of my estate.

Item 9. I will and bequeath to Sarah Ridley wife of said Robert One hundred and fifty dollars which is all I intend her to have of my estate.

Item 10th. I will and bequeath to my son Ross Houston the servant girl named Easter now in his possession and three tracts of land lying in Lauderdale County the one on which he lives called the Gravelly Springs tract and two others now in his possession known as the Strong tracts to him and his heirs forever which is all I intend for him to have of my estate.

Item 11. The balance of my estate of every sort and description I want divided fairly and equally between my sons Pugh Houston, George S. Houston, Russell Houston and G.J. Houston and my daughters Jane Houston, Rebecca Houston, Mary Houston, Louisa Houston and Ann Houston share an share alike - the mode of division to be such as my executors may adapt and agree upon.

Item 12th. It is my will and desire that my property shall be kept together as it is now during the life of my beloved wife Hanna Houston under the controul of my executors and that she is liberally supported out of the profits of the same during such her said life and that the profits of the labour of my servants on the farm and other places as my said executors may put them be put into and constitute a part of the general fund to be divided as aforesaid after taking out so much as may be required to support my beloved wife as aforesaid.

Item 13. I hereby appoint Pugh Houston and George S. Houston my sons my Exrs of this my last Will and Testament and it is my will and desire that they manage and controul my Estate as I have above requested it to be done.

Item 14. I hereby authorize and empower my Executors if they think proper to do so to dispose of ny of my surplus property real or personal at private sale or in any other manner they may agree upon and employ and use the proceeds of said sale or sales in the way they may think best for the benefit of the legatees.

Signed this 22nd day of August, 1936 by David Houston

Witnessed by Richard Baugh, Moses White and Jane Bromley

Filed October 15th, 1836

Probate Court of Lauderdale County, Alabama

Recorded Will Book A, pages 26-27

Notes for Hannah Pugh Reagan:

Welsh, Quaker. " ... a connection of the Pugh family of Ohio." May have been born in Frederick Co., VA. "She was a remarkable woman for her day and the advantages which she enjoyed."

Her reported birthdate is after the marriage of her presumed mother to Thomas Reagan. However, her mother is also reported to have had a daughter, Hannah Reagan, in 1795, resulting in bewilderment for those who rarely hear of two surviving children with the same Christian name. The stories recounting that her father was Reason Reagan may be in error, but it seems likely that she is of the same Pugh and Reagan families that were in Newberry Co., SC at the same time, so the identity of her grandparents are probably not in dispute.

Children of David Houston and Hannah Reagan are:

35 i. Jane3 Houston, born Abt. 1797; died Abt. 1873. She married Gen. Phillip Jacob Irion 14 Aug 1838 in Lauderdale Co., AL; born 25 Nov 1796 in NC; died 25 Mar 1879 in Gravelly Springs, Lauderdale, AL.

Notes for Gen. Phillip Jacob Irion:

Phillip married 1st Sally (Wall) Smith and 3rd Victoria C. Wylie.

+ 36 ii. Sarah Houston, born Oct 1798; died 17 Oct 1879.

+ 37 iii. Dr. John Pugh Houston, born 25 Jan 1803 in Greene Co., GA; died 21 Jul 1871 in Iuka, MS.

+ 38 iv. Ross Houston, born 06 Jun 1805; died 22 Dec 1863 in San Antonio, TX.

39 v. Rebecca Houston, born Abt. 1810 in SC; died Abt. 1864 in Near Wildwood, AL. She married Henry Williams 21 Dec 1841 in Lauderdale Co., AL; born Abt. 1810; died 1850.

+ 40 vi. Judge Russell Houston, born 10 Jan 1810 in Williamson Co., TN; died 01 Oct 1895 in Louisville, KY.

+ 41 vii. George Smith Houston, born 17 Jan 1811 in Williamson Co., TN; died 31 Dec 1879 in Athens, Limestone, AL.

+ 42 viii. Dr. Gray Jones Houston, born 1812 in TN; died Aft. 1877 in San Antonio, Bexar, TX.

43 ix. David Houston, born 1815; died 1815 in young.

44 x. Mary Houston, born 04 Apr 1815; died 20 May 1895 in "Wildwood", near Florence, Gravelly Spr., AL. She married Ambrose Bourland Gilbert 21 Mar 1847 in Lauderdale Co., AL; born in NC; died 19 Aug 1849 in Cherokee, AL.

Notes for Mary Houston:

An old record say that she was "posses with a high order of intellectual endowments, and afforded educational and social advantages suitable thereto, she became noted in her early womanhood for excellence in the attainments of a liberal education in general literature, arts and history."

The same record says, "During the life of her distinguished brother, Hon. George S. Houston, as a member of Congress, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Governor of Alabama, later U.S. Senator, she spent much time in our state and national capitals. She thus occupied prominent places in the social life of those great centers, becoming meanwhile an ardent and apt student of political history, state and national."

Notes for Ambrose Bourland Gilbert:

Ambrose Barker Gilbert. His middle name, and his mother's surname, uncertain.

45 xi. Lydia Louisa Houston, born Abt. 1817 in TN; died 1864 in "Wildwood", near Florence, AL.

+ 46 xii. Ann Hannah Houston, born 1819 in TN; died 1868. 
Houston, David Ross (I0591)
89 Death from Viral Encephalitis at age 14. Willis, James Roger (I8217)
90 Debbie was living in GA about 2001.
Grogan, Debbie (I8175)
91 Died from cardiovascular problems.

Was a foreman finisher in a furniture manufacturing company, according to his death certificate. 
Robertson, James Allen (I0047)
92 Died from typhoid fever. Heustess, Jessie Allie (I8930)
93 Died in 1873, no children. Houston, Jane (I0613)
94 Died in a car wreck Moore, J. W. (I6122)
95 Died in Jeep accident in Germany. Holbrook, Johnnie Jack (I2912)
96 Died of a drug overdose. Clark, Zachary Seth (I0103)
97 Died of blood poisoning from having some teeth pulled. Houston, John Pearson (I1728)
98 Died of cancer. Camp, Edith (I8596)
99 Died of heart attack in 1945. Houston, James Robert (I8516)
100 Died of stomach cancer. Whigham, Mildred Louise (I8923)

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