Houston-Moore-Robertson Family Genealogy

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Wiley Robertson

Male 1796 - Abt 1870  (73 years)

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William F. Robertson
Male 1822-
John Wilson Robertson
Male 1824-1899
Jane ?
Laura Adelaide Robertson
Female 1852-1912
George M. Brazil
Will Ethridge
Eda Garrett
New chart
Dallas Ethridge
? Stephens
New chart
Joe Ethridge
Jennie Ethridge
? Sapp
Maggie Ethridge
James Albert Parish
New chart
James Albert Parish
New chart
Gem Ethridge
New chart
New chart
Nancy Ann Elizabeth Robertson
Female 1853-1923
Walter Scott Ethridge
Martha E. Maranda Robertson
Female 1855-
Alexander J. Cutts
Jessie Allie Heustess
Female 1884-1903
James Lawrence Graves
Harriett H. Heustess
Female 1886-
Joseph W. Heustess
Male 1888-
James Weaver Heustess
Male 1889-
John D. Heustess
Male 1890-
Mary A. Heustess
Female 1893-
Arthur Trammel Heustess
Male 1895-
Ulysees L. Heustess
Male 1898-
Kelsie B. Heustess
Female 1900-
Julia Caroline Bennett Robertson
Female 1857-1941
Daniel M. Heustess
Male 1852-1923
Mary Emeline Robertson
Female 1859-
John D. Davenport
John Foster Robertson
Male 1889-1892
William Henry Robertson, Jr.
Male 1891-1945
Alyce Street
Female 1894-1978
New chart
Arthur Borders Robertson
Male 1894-1956
Minnie Lee Greene
Female 1894-1994
New chart
Mary Lee Robertson
Female 1897-1994
William Sidney Robinson
New chart
Ruth Robertson
Female 1906-1973
Ivan Columbus Berrey
Male 1899-1957
New chart
William Henry Robertson
Male 1861-1914
Mary Sneed Foster
Female 1867-1940
Annie Laurie Robertson
Female 1903-
Irving M. Magorian
New chart
James Wiley Morgan Robertson
Male 1864-1932
Martha Jane Terpsichore Wicker
Female 1870-1914
Clementine Carter
Female 1873-1944
Benjamin Francis Robertson
Male 1866-1872
John Marcus Whigham
Male 1887-1918
Vincey Louise Chambers
Female 1887-1957
New chart
Susan Harriet Whigham
Female 1889-
Tom Wade Pittman
David Howell Whigham
Male 1890-
Florence Alabama Whigham
Female 1891-
Laura Adelaide Whigham
Female 1892-
Charlie Brown
New chart
Leila Whigham
Female 1893-
Forest Edna Whigham
Female 1894-
James Edgar Whigham
Male 1896-
Franklin Wyatt Whigham
Male 1897-
Samuel Bennett Whigham
Male 1899-1965
Annie Mae Williams
Female 1908-1961
New chart
Maggie Jane Whigham
Female 1901-1975
Thomas Majoic Whigham
Male 1907-
Sarah Jane Robertson
Female 1868-1947
Marcus Edgar Whigham
Male 1863-1943
John Murphy Robertson
Male 1870-1870
Harriet Louisa Robertson
Female 1871-1899
W. N. O'Neal
Margaret Anderson Robertson
Female 1873-1913
Marion McCraney
Wilson William Robertson
Male 1898-1983
Elizabeth Lois Johnson
Female 1904-1995
New chart
Lilla Foreman Robertson
Female 1899-1955
Will Ezell
Male 1898-1983
New chart
Daisy Louise Robertson
Female 1901-1989
William Carl Belzly
Male 1903-1971
Albert J. Phelps
Male 1901-1981
Mable Kathleen Robertson
Female 1902-1984
John William Harbuck
Male 1895-1973
John Franklin Robertson
Male 1903-1985
Nora Ethel Campbell
Female 1902-1991
New chart
Mary Laura Robertson
Female 1905-1989
Robert O'Dell McDaniel
Male 1903-1989
New chart
Lena Iva Robertson
Female 1908-1977
Votie Lewis Meredith
Male 1904-1979
New chart
Annie Julia Robertson
Female 1910-1912
Sarah J. Robertson
Female 1911-1932
Naomi Ruth Robertson
Female 1915-
Charles Hunter McMillan
Male 1906-1986
New chart
Howell Foreman Robertson
Male 1875-1919
Lilla Corene McDowell
Female 1880-1960
Harriett Emeline Bennett
Female 1833-1884
William Henry Cottle
Male 1877-1947
Anna Cottle
Female 1880-1936
William D. Thompson
Male 1871-1963
New chart
Cora Cottle
Female 1882-1959
Leroy Samuel Scott
Male 1879-1918
New chart
John Thomas Cottle
Male 1884-
Vida B. Laura Cottle
Female 1894-
James Albert Henson
Male 1902-1993
New chart
James Cleveland Cottle
Male 1888-1918
Maudie Adeline Cottle
Female 1890-
D. T. Dean
Male 1904-1937
Sebron Monroe Cottle
Male 1892-1892
Sarah Elizabeth Robertson
Female 1858-1906
Thomas Monroe Cottle
Male 1852-1926
Catherine Safronia Robertson
Female 1861-1936
John Wesley William Augustus Hamil
James H. Robertson
Male 1866-
Jessie ?
Martha J. Robertson
Female 1869-
Unie A. Robertson
Female 1872-
M. S. A. Robertson
Female 1874-
Henry A. Robertson
Male 1825-1900
Elizabeth O'Conner
Female 1838-1900
Van Buren Brewster
Male 1867-1944
America Orlena Seymour
Female 1869-1946
New chart
John Allen Brewster
Male 1869-
Julie ?
William Henry Brewster
Male 1870-
Julie Leftwitch
Mary Ada Brewster
Female 1872-1907
Abner Johnson Cook
Male 1857-1941
New chart
Ida Jane Brewster
Female 1877-
Nora Agnes Brewster
Female 1881-
Bert B. Brewster
Male 1886-1940
Nancy Elizabeth Robertson
Female 1846-1928
Nathaniel Jefferson Brewster
Male 1845-1938
Tilidia Cordelia Williams
Female 1870-1927
Littleton Morgan Keeling
Male 1859-1953
New chart
Mary Mollie Williams
Female 1871-
George O. Stovall
Male 1868-
New chart
William Allen Williams
Male 1873-1873
Martha Jane Robertson
Female 1848-1873
Rufus Pitt Williams
Male 1848-1926
Darien Reese Smith
Male 1870-1948
Melinda Jane Belle Shaver
Female 1874-
New chart
Yonnie Smith
Female 1872-
Will Miles
Male Abt 1868-
Elizabeth Smith
Female 1875-
Gip Leslie Smith
Male 1877-
Leola Pearl Nowln
James Smith
Male 1880-
Fannie Mildred Smith
Female 1883-1962
Marvin Horatio Seymour
Male 1877-1947
New chart
Oma Smith
Female 1885-
Walter Dodson
Alton Smith
Male 1887-
Emma Lee Potts
Mary Mollie Frances Robertson
Female 1851-1930
Jonathon Ezekiel Smith
Male 1848-
Bethia C. Robertson
Female 1852-1890
Hodo Buchanan
William A. Robertson
Male Abt 1876-
James Wiley Robertson
Male 1854-1905
Mary S.
J. A. Buchanan
Amanda Missouri Robertson
Female 1855-1873
William H. Buchanan
Adelia Buchanan
Female Abt 1876-
John Buchanan
Male Abt 1878-
Emily A. Robertson
Female 1857-1947
William H. Buchanan
Ina Motier Robertson
Female 1885-1964
Robert Clyde Blanks
Male 1882-1943
New chart
Clyde Wise Robertson
Male 1882-1955
Effie Beulah Trantham
Female 1886-1954
New chart
Oren Chester Robertson
Male 1883-1918
Ollie Augusta Garrison
Female 1886-1956
New chart
Mary Emma Robertson
Female 1897-1979
Joseph Key Stephens
Male 1889-1965
New chart
William Henry Robertson
Male 1859-1951
Paralee Lavenia Blakely
Female 1861-1917
John Allen Robertson
Male 1861-1950
Jeremiah Coleman Robertson
Male 1864-1865
Hattie Minerva Williams
Female 1881-1968
Robert William McCann
Thomas Oscar Williams
Male 1882-1967
Ada Pearl Lett
Female -1926
New chart
Jerry J. Williams
Male 1884-1971
Ada Burford
New chart
Walter L. Williams
Male 1886-1975
Rosa E. Roberts
James Luther Williams
Male 1888-1973
Bera Lila Gray
Alonzo Ector Williams
Male 1890-1969
Kitty Clyde Parmelly
Beulah Williams
Female 1892-1970
R. E. Williams
W. A. Dobbins
May Williams
Female 1894-1977
Edgar C. Lowe
Robert Lee Williams
Male 1897-1936
Lois Maud Poer
Amos Williams
Male 1898-1984
? Newton
Curtis K. Williams
Male 1902-1985
Velma Roberts
Henry Grady Williams
Male 1904-1999
Flora L. Lawless
Susia McFarland
Bernice Daphine Williams
Female 1905-1999
John Walter Rutherford
Elmira Cornelia Robertson
Female 1864-1934
Thomas Cooper Williams
Male 1855-1920
Sarah Anna Robertson
Female 1866-1945
Thomas Marion Brewster
Male 1853-1924
Allen Jordan Robertson
Male 1828-1905
Mary Ann Motley
Female 1829-1878
Mary Agnes Dunn
Female 1835-1922
Amace Downs
Female 1880-
Clarice Downs
Female 1882-1948
? Best
New chart
James Monroe Downs
Male 1883-
Zorar Isabel Downs
Female 1885-
Mary Jane Robertson
Monroe Downs
Peggie Robertson
Wiley Robertson
Mattie Robertson
William Robertson
James Thomas Robertson
Male 1882-1961
Aline ?
Female 1889-1985
New chart
Tula Elizabeth Robertson
Female 1884-1953
Thomas Blakeley Jeffcoat
Male 1881-1932
New chart
Nonnie L. Robertson
Female 1888-1961
John F. Mcleod
Male 1874-1966
New chart
Henry Robertson
Male 1894-
Vesta Barfield
John Thomas Robertson
Male 1861-1944
Jimmie Rebecca
Female 1863-1933
Margaret Elizabeth Robertson
Female 1862-1922
? Weeks
Arra Jane Houston
Female 1889-1965
New chart
James William Harrison
Male 1883-1946
New chart
Henry Grady Houston
Male 1891-1953
Flora Etta Dyer
Female 1892-1978
New chart
Nora Alice Houston
Female 1893-1983
Franklin Curtis Harris
Male 1881-1968
New chart
Zella Leigh Houston
Female 1895-1896
Eula Mae Houston
Female 1898-1975
Union Terry Ruddick
Male 1887-1974
New chart
Minnie Iola Houston
Female 1900-1957
David Lamar Houston
Male 1902-1952
Alma G. Salter
Female 1907-
Anna Eliza Houston
Female 1904-1991
William J. Bailey
Male 20 Jul-
Bessie Virginia Houston
Female 1913-1996
Clarence Julius Moore
Male 1912-1992
New chart
Martha Mildred Exer Robertson
Female 1865-1954
Joseph Cincinatti Houston
Male 1843-1917
Mattie Agnes Barlow
Female 1894-1924
Jacob D. Williams
Male 1890-
New chart
Thomas Sneed Glass
Male 1876-1959
New chart
Lonnie Edwin Barlow
Male 1896-
Littie Pearl Barlow
Female 1897-
J. Herbert Halliday
New chart
Allen Rucker Barlow
Male 1899-1956
Ethel A. Swinney
Female 1900-1990
Willie Bea Barlow
Female 1901-1989
Warren Stone Pugh
Male 1895-1966
Nancy Alice Robertson
Female 1867-1956
William Walker Berry Barlow
Male 1859-1901
Harry Guy Robertson
Male 1907-1975
Althea Boland
New chart
James Felton Robertson
Male 1911-1999
Marian Elizabeth Robertson
Female 1918-1977
Hugh Alexander Robertson
Male 1920-1974
Frances Moore
New chart
James Allen Robertson
Male 1870-1954
Willie Gordon Duncan
Female 1885-1961
Lydia Robertson
Female 1873-1948
James Patten
Male 1868-1945
Wyatt Alexander Robertson
Male 1830-1915
Sarah Elizabeth Barker
Female 1832-1911
Wiley B. Robertson
Benjamin Robertson
A.R. Robertson
J. H. Robertson
James Wiley Robertson
Male 1833-
Nancy I.
Woodie Judson Strickland
Male 1872-1954
Eudora Malitta Strickland
Female 1874-1930
Jacob Owen Elrod
Male 1852-1939
Samuel Henderson Strickland
Male 1876-
Maggie Magnolia Strickland
Female 1878-
Wiley Renfroe Strickland
Male 1881-
Silas Wiley Strickland
Male 1851-
Mary Elizabeth Pace
Female Abt 1855-
Allen Jefferson Moon
Male 1873-1967
Jane Holmes
Female 1899-1984
New chart
David Henry Moon
Male 1875-1964
Leonora Moon
Female 1877-1971
John Walton Phillips
New chart
Elzaida Elizabeth Moon
Female 1879-1967
Paul Erector Reeves
Male 1878-
New chart
Silas William Moon
Male 1881-1943
Jewell Harrell
New chart
Thomas Staples Moon
Male 1883-1951
Ethel Worthy
New chart
John Emory Moon
Male 1885-1950
Maggie Kinningham
New chart
Zephie Moon
Female 1887-1889
Arthur Earnest Moon
Male 1890-1955
Flora Wells
New chart
Annie Pearl Moon
Female 1892-1960
Herbert Robertson
New chart
John Archie Mciver
New chart
Vernie Naomi Moon
Female 1894-Abt 1988
James Pritchett
New chart
Mary Jane Strickland
Female 1852-1898
Jacob Washington Moon
Male 1847-1922
Van Buren Strickland
Male 1854-
Parker Scott Strickland
Male Abt 1882-
William Faulkner Strickland
Male Abt 1884-
Charles Millard Strickland
Male Abt 1886-
Palmer Evans Strickland
Male Abt 1888-
Eric Munson Strickland
Male Abt 1890-
Lillie Adrienne Strickland
Female Abt 1892-
Carter Jackson Strickland
Male 1856-1942
Marie Annetta Pace
Female Abt 1860-
William Munson Strickland
Male 1858-
Nancy Jane Louisiana E. Routon
Paralee Harris
? Nunn
New chart
Francis Bridget Strickland
Female 1861-
George T. Harris
Male Abt 1857-
Olive Elizabeth Strickland
Female 1866-
Lumis Vaughn
Male Abt 1862-
John Allen Strickland
Male 1868-1899
Vicey Rasco
Thomas Jefferson Strickland, Jr.
Male 1870-1955
Francis Marie Fannie Ray
Female 1870-1944
Sarah M. Strickland
Female 1872-
Wilson Sikes
Lawrence Bertrand Scott
Male 1895-1967
Thomas Hubert Scott
Male 1897-1954
Anna Clarice Strickland
Female 1874-1959
James Simon Scott
Male 1870-1898
John Scarborough
Charles Dunn
Luther Phelmon Strickland
Male 1902-
Willie Viola Strickland
Female 1899-
Ira Robinson
Male 1898-1973
New chart
Mary Ellen Helen Strickland
Female 1898-1989
Murl Jackson Pendleton
Male 1900-1959
New chart
Van Courtland Strickland
Male 1878-1902
Cara Vicie Motley Routon
Female 1883-1902
Mary Anne Robertson
Female 1834-1917
Thomas Jefferson Strickland
Male 1830-1907
Allen Jefferson Milam
Male 1875-1954
Virginia Anderson Stearnes
Female 1871-1940
New chart
James Milton Milam
Male 1877-1919
Mary Florence Smith
Female 1874-1926
New chart
Katie Viola Milam
Female 1879-1926
William Thomas Adams
Male 1855-
New chart
Mary Lenora Milam
Female 1881-1966
William Thomas Lancaster
Male 1868-1948
New chart
Buren Jackson Milam
Male 1883-1959
Carrie Samantha Sellers
Female 1891-1962
New chart
Lilly Sellers
New chart
Ada Estelle Milam
Female 1885-1885
Rosa Ester Milam
Female 1887-
William Thomas Malone
Male -1941
Henry Cumbee Milam
Male 1890-
Docia Mae Haralson
New chart
Mattie Agnes Milam
Female 1893-1959
Arthur F. Carlisle
New chart
Eunice Milam
Female 1895-
James Troy Miller
New chart
Albert Feldman Milam
Male 1897-
Lonie Mae Harwell
New chart
Martha Ann Elizabeth Yates
Female 1857-1931
James Henry Milam
Male 1854-1923
Martha Ann Elizabeth Robertson
Female 1837-1919
James Millender Yates
Male 1837-1862
William Preston Dunn
Bessie Dunn
Alonzo E. Dunn
Male 1872-
Agnes J. Yeargan
Female 1876-
Agnes Rebecca Dunn
Female 1874-
R. L. Yeargan
Cora Dunn
Female 1876-
Cassie Dunn
Female 1878-
A. R. Gilmore
Vivian Dunn
Eula Jean Dunn
Annie Ruth Dunn
Lamar Jackson Dunn
Theadore Dunn
Harry Harod Dunn
Male 1880-1934
Meggie Purcell
Jeremiah Jackson Dunn
Male 1831-1905
Herrod B. Robertson
Male 1839-1858
Martha A. R. Smith
New chart
Wiley Robertson
Male 1796-Abt 1870
Elizabeth Dawkins
Female 1798-1873