Houston-Moore-Robertson Family Genealogy

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John C. Pearson

Male 1785 -

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Annie Belle Houston
Female 1869-1942
Joseph Patrick Brown
Male 1871-1927
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Albert Hill Houston
Male 1872-1955
Ollie Alberta Smith
Female 1878-1968
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William Sanford Houston
Male 1874-1942
Leola Cosby
Female 1877-1940
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Samuel Augustus Houston
Male 1876-1945
Mary Owens
Female 1878-
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Benjamin Hope Houston
Male 1878-1948
Mand Wheatherly
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Mattie Arkansas Kansas Houston
Female 1880-1942
G. W. A. Moore
Mary Kate Houston
Female 1883-
John V. Thornton
Male 1869-1919
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Thomas Marion Houston
Male 1884-1955
Sallie Lee Scudder
Female 1881-1929
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Nannie Deliah Jobson
Female 1896-1973
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Florence P. Houston
Female 1886-1966
Ira Raymond Houston
Male 1888-1962
Lilly Mae Waits
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Gena Orthella Houston
Female 1892-1984
Richard Zedoc Treadwell
Male 1891-1937
Virgil Augustus Houston
Male 1848-1922
Susan Caroline Hubbard
Female 1847-1920
Paul Houston
Minnie ?
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Marcus Houston
Male 1876-1912
Edna Edelweiss Lee
Female 1882-1965
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Margaret Addie Houston
Female 1879-
? Taylor
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John William Houston, Jr.
Male 1890-1972
Margarette G. Brown
Female 1891-1985
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John William Houston
Male 1849-1925
Mary B. Benton
Female 1843-1894
Caroline Gladys Houston
Female 1899-
Maynard Luther
Martha B. Springer
Female 1860-Aft 1925
Margaret C. Gray
Female 1875-1971
Martha T. Houston
Female 1853-1937
? Gray
Clinton Wales Houston
Male 1885-1951
Vesta Lillian Fant
Female 1905-1932
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Lilly Mae Dispain
Female 1895-1986
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Samuel Y. Houston
Male 1892-
Frances Ruth Houston
Female 1893-1964
George Kerbo
Male -1979
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Ralph Houston
Male 1894-Abt 1969
Roy Houston
Male 1896-1920
Samuel W. Houston
Male 1855-1910
Frances Young Watts
Female 1862-Abt 1925
William Rufus Houston
Male 1883-1901
Charles Thomas Houston
Male 1885-1957
Sally Fannie Gladney
Female 1886-1955
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Matilda Kate Houston
Female 1887-
Tom I. Duncan
Annie Lee Houston
Female 1889-1937
Joseph S. Thornton
Male 1885-1939
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Tempie Oliver Houston
Female 1892-1988
Emmett A. Ducan
Male 1885-
Lucy Russell Houston
Female 1894-1907
Emily Kansas Houston
Female 1896-
Louise Gertrude Houston
Female 1898-1923
Thomas Oliver Houston
Male 1857-1901
Martha Anna Arrington
Female 1864-1922
Houston Benton
Arkansas Victoria Houston
Female 1860-
Thomas Benton
Leonola Houston
Female 1866-
Mahala Catherine Pearson
Female 1825-1901
William H. Houston
Male 1828-1912
Bob Dial
Emmie Dial
Charles Darnell
Lucy Dial
Ross Dial
Joseph Franklin Dial
Male 1869-1945
Jennie Lou Bevis
New chart
William Hinton Dial
Male 1871-1940
Dollie Frances Owens
Female 1879-1939
New chart
Doctor Houston Dial
Male 1873-1949
Mattie Jane Owen
New chart
Briska Dial
Female 1874-1917
William Bryson Miller
New chart
Annie Lou Dial
Female 1877-1974
John Henry Thomas
Male 1863-1912
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Katie O'Neal Dial
Female 1881-1950
Solomon Walter Gray
Male 1872-1959
New chart
Ollie B. Dial
Female 1883-1957
Andrew D. England
New chart
Cabot Hubert Dial
Male 1887-1909
Glenn Pascal Dial
Male 1888-1934
Murphy Leo Lyle
New chart
Mattie Ruth Dial
Female 1889-1979
Jesse Moses Philpot
New chart
Carrie S. Dial
Female 1891-1970
Calvin L. Philpot
New chart
Mertie Dial
Female Abt 1895-
Lewis Phillips
Johnnie Pearl Dial
Female 1896-
Evitt T. Martin
Male 1896-1946
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Emily Catherine Houston
Female 1852-1940
Franklin Jackson Dial
Annie Tommie Brady
Female 1875-1964
Robert J. Herring
Male 1871-1910
James Oliver Brady
Male 1877-1922
Hattie T. Welch
Female 1886-1972
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Andrew V. Brady
Male 1879-
Foster J. Brady
Male 1881-
Rosa Belle Brake
Mary Brady
Female 1884-1963
James Calvin Arthur
Male 1875-1948
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Frank Brady
Male 1886-1949
Cora B. ?
Willie M. Brady
Male 1888-
? Lawrence
Gertrude Brady
Female 1893-1968
William Collier Ratliff
Male 1889-1978
New chart
Bertha Brady
Female 1896-1906
Annie Flournoy Houston
Female 1855-1945
Francis Parnell Brady
Male 1855-1896
Thomas Jones Houston
Male 1885-1950
Mattie Sticher
Jewell Paris Henderson
Female 1898-1969
New chart
Lecta Beatrice Houston
Female 1887-1967
John Thomas Moore
Male 1871-1950
New chart
Mary E. Houston
Female 1896-Abt 1985
Maxine King
William G. Neyman Houston
Male 1899-1981
Virra Carrbron
New chart
John Pearson Houston
Male 1856-1912
Lula M. Neyman
Female 1865-1917
Mary O. Houston
Female 1857-
William Virgil Houston
Male 1859-
Mary Ann Pearson
Female 1823-1894
Oliver Ross Houston
Male 1830-1880
Wesley Whitfield Pearson
John C. Pearson
Male 1785-
Anna Ball